Federazione Italiana Aerobica e Fitness

Italian Fitness and Aerobics Federation


FIAF – Federazione Italiana Aerobica e Fitness (Italian Aerobic and Fitness Federation), founded in 1990, is a non-profit organization, which promotes fitness and wellness activities as the optimal means for enhancing health.

The FIAF operates in conjunction with the Scuola Italiana Attività Motorie e Fitness – SIAF, its technical branch, which maintains exclusive responsibility for professional training. In view of its high technical quality and social commitment in the diffusion of the correct execution of fitness activities as well as the role it has undertaken in the safeguarding the health of the general population, the FIAF is considered the point of reference in matters regarding health and fitness by government institutions and the market in general. The Scientific and Technical Committee is composed of prestigious representatives of the Italian Scientific and Cultural community, who collaborate to direct and verify the implementation of federation programs.

Our mission

the promotion of the correct execution of fitness related activities with the goal of enhancing and maintaining efficiency, of educating and stimulating the individual to increase physical activity in order to become aware that fitness is the best investment for health, far from the excesses that come from competitive activities and more traditional sports.

Our recognitions

Over the years FIAF has cooperated with many national institutions and organizations:

  • the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, which has accredited FIAF as a “professional association”, qualified to provide vocational training and continuing education courses on fitness for physical education teachers in the middle and high schools;
  • the Ministry of Labor, Health and Wellfare, which finances the projects for the professional training of “Maestro di Fitness” (Fitness Teacher);
  • the Regional Governments, which have accredited SIAF to provide VET and, through EU funding, finances the IFTS (Superior Integrated Vocational Training) 1200 hour courses for “Maestro di Fitness”.

Main institutional relationships

Over the years our lobbying activity with different departments of the national government has been particularly intense, resulting in the development of a draft law for the regulation of the training and education of fitness professionals with the objective of protecting the participants in fitness activities. FIAF is supported in this activity by the CNCU, National Council of Consumers and Users (Ministry of Economic Development).

FIAF-SIAF is also a member of the following international organizations:

  • EHFA, European Health and Fitness Association, of which we are founding members;
  • HEPA Europe, Health Enhancing Physical Activity, the European network recognised by the World Health Organization, which is active in the promotion of health thru physical activity;
  • CESS, Confederation Europeenne Sport et Santé, of which we are a Board Member and coordinate the activities of the Training Commission;
  • ENSSEE, European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment, and partner of the German Sport University of Koln in the “AEHESIS” project, Aligning European Higher Education Structure in Sport, financed by the Socrate program;
  • ISCA, International Sport and Culture Association, with whom we are partner in several projects;
  • AGITA MUNDO NGO, of which we are a Founding Member;
  • IAF, International Aerobic Federation, of which FIAeF is the European coordinating authority
  • ICSSPE, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education;
  • TAFISA, The Association For International Sport for All.

Project outcome – Core figures

2 participating local organisations or groups
5 multipliers trained at European Trainings
50 16- to 22-year-old participants at youth workshops
250 peers informed through youth campaigns
2 cross-sector network meetings and Round Tables organised

(February 1st, 2015)

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