Youth campaign in production!

Otto_Foto Jugend Workshop 2

After the UBSC Graz successfully sensitized 20 young workshop participants for a culture of respect and integrity and against sexualised violence in sports at it`s first workshop, the 2nd workshop focused on developing a flyer and video-clip for the youth campaign. By mind-mapping, brainstorming and discussions in small groups and in the plenum, different aims for the youth campaign were identified and three different layouts were discussed. On the second workshop day, ideas were generated for the creation of the video-clip and consensus was found amongst the group about it`s message and storyboard. It was decided to inform the young sportswomen and –men, at the tournament where the youth campaign would be launched, prior to the event itself in order to sensitise and prepare them for the topic. The youth workshops have now been completed and all further steps for the production of the campaign are currently being put in place by the young team and their excellent club project leader, Otto Weiler.